Floral Design
Own Cultivation

Our company has an ancient history since 1960.

With the restyling of the web site in 2019 Donatella and Giuliano’s flowers renewed their company name to the name “ Fiori di Luna”.

We are a family grown among flowers, love for the land, wild nature and beauty.

Our family business is located in the Roman countryside  and owns 12 hectares of land.

We started as a small business , but thanks to our passion and tenacity, we have grown every year and today we host a large flower garden with all kinds of species, aromatic bushes, ancient grain crops, olive trees and fruit trees.

Our flower crops are enriched every year of new varieties, in a seasonal succession of scents, colors and inspiration, rich lifeblood for our art.

Donatella and Giuliano know how to capture every desire expressed by customers and transform it into a bouquet with a wild, harmonious and refined taste.

Their decorations never lack of ancient roses in all shades of colors, to which they combine natural elements gathered in the nearby woods, expect to see in their compositions late winter flowers like helleborus, fresh buttercups, peonies and the magnificent proteas.

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